Friday, August 14, 2009

Anthropomorphic Animals in Watercolor

I've always loved illustrated animals with anthropomorphic qualities and in my head I'm always coming up with ideas for different characters. I finally found some time (stole some time actually since I had a couple lesson plans to write and a freelance deadline looming) to play around with some ideas and to break out the ol' watercolors. It's been years since I've done anything serious with watercolors and it was nice to work with them again.

I did the two character studies (the mouse then the fox) and then worked up the nerve to do a more complete composition with the raccoon. I'm really pleased with the result especially considering that I've become so rusty with the medium.


Old Mother Goose - Hidden Pictures

This was just published in Highlights Highfive magazine... I've included the original file so you can see the difference. The magazine is limited in the quality of paper that it can use, so the color can sometimes suffers as a result. All things considered... this one reproduced fairly well.

This was a digitally colored pen & ink drawing.

Character Studies For a Personal Project: Snow Days

I just finished a couple of character studies that I'm fairly pleased with. These are digitally colored drawings that I scanned from my sketchbook... you can see the original drawings below.